Team Building Activities Greece – Olympic Games Concept

A sunny day at Porto Heli and two hundred fifty excited participants contributed with their energy and positive attitude to a wonderful team building event in Greece. This annual team building event for a Pharmaceutical company materialized at Porto Heli which is located in Peloponnese – Argolis. The unique concept for this event was the creation of a variety of activities inspired by the Ancient Greek Olympic Games.  The introduction game with an Olympic Torch was a great ice breaker game where everybody met their colleagues from company offices around the world.  The activities held on a beautiful sandy beach nearby a beach bar and an open field where the Virtual Reality Experience took place afterwards. Discovolus and tug of war games were the big hit of the event as the teams competed head to head to gain the first place on the event’s point system. The ancient chariot racing got everyone excited as they had the chance to experience the fun way to ride on an Electric Trikke Vehicle.

We are honored to create and deliver this unique concept !


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