Established since 1992 in France, Neil Poulton is a globally recognized for his work on consumer electronics products and lighting equipment. His trademarks are minimalist forms for everyday use, blending simple look and technical innovation. Together with Lexon, Neil is reinventing daily objects by embedding high quality performance into iconic shapes.


Nelson Fossey is a French interior designer and architect. In 2019, he founded his creative studio named Index Office where he develops a sensitive approach to contemporary tools and new technologies to offer innovative concepts at the service of the user. His constant search for useful and appropriate forms lead him to work with public institutions, start-ups, and large groups. The collaboration with Lexon makes it possible to offer products with apparent simplicity, yet playful character and remarkable ease of use. Orbe, the first lamp designed with Lexon, has received a Red Dot Design Award 2023 to accompany its launch.



natacha.sacha. is a global design studio founded in Paris in 2018, leading projects at the interface of industrial design, furniture, service design and architecture. natacha. sacha. was created by Natacha Poutoux and Sacha Hourcade, two designers trained at ENSCI Les ateliers and then in international studios such as India Mahdavi, Stefan Diez and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. Their work aims at the economy of means ; it is characterized by careful research around clean, discreet and functional forms with the aim of simplifying the reading and use of the object, while using a minimum of resources. The studio has been awarded with numerous prizes such as the Grand Prix de la Création de Paris in 2019, the Rising Talents Prize at Maison & Objet in 2020, and named as finalist at the James Dyson Award in 2018. In 2021, the two designers are launching an ambitious research project to think about ways to produce more sustainably in the technology industry during a residency at Villa Kujoyama in Japan.



Quaglio Simonelli was born out of a meeting between two designers, Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli, their common work is really fed by stories, a creative look at the surrounding world, mutations they would wish to induce: therefore they create familiar looking objects contaminated by the unexpected and the poetical. Miami is the name of the collection: elegantly flying on nostalgic wings, an Art Deco stylistic wink meeting actual technical requirements. It preserves gracious powers through a transversal proposal. This series bears the precise signatures of an approach basing their practice – never to see things the way they are.


The Mino collection is composed of several portable bluetooth speakers intended to be taken everywhere with you! With their rounded shapes and small sizes, each wireless speaker in the collection delivers an impressive sound and brings a touch of elegance to any room.



A collection of LED lamps that fit into different spaces in or around your home. Explore the original design with warm light or the larger LED color range of the most recent design. The Mina collection is guaranteed to bring a special atmosphere with it.



Wino was created as a modern handheld fan, uniquely crafted from aluminum, for an elevated, distinguished finish you won’t find anywhere else.




Designer and architect, he has collaborated with Lexon for more than ten years. Grand Prize National Industrial Design, he received two Compas d’Or in Italy, the Gabriel Prize, the Medal of Art and Industry in France, the Design Plus Award and several times the Form Design Award in Germany and New York Accent Design in the USA. Many of his creations are part of the collections of the National Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Decorative Arts, the National Fund of Contemporary Art. They are also in the permanent collection of NewYork’s MoMA.
“My collaboration with Lexon gave me the opportunity to develop an object design in many areas and in a truly industrial production setting. Personal accessories, objects for the home, garden, office, travel or leisure. An impressive number of projects, all included in a coherent unit. ”


Tykho Radio was created (almost 20 years ago) for listening to the Morning News whilst your were brushing your teeth, Tykho Booster and Tykho Speaker Bluetooth speakers were created for listening to music anytime and anywhere, indoor or outdoor.



After graduating in 2002, he started his career with prestigious designers like George J. Sowden or Marc Newson. He evolves mainly in the fields of furniture, object, lighting and interior design.


Since 1991, Lexon has established a unique relationship with creativity. In nineteen years of development, Lexon has remained true to its commitment to design: without compromise. Electronics, luggage, travel accessories, office or leisure: this bias is not measured in numbers. Its dimension is sensitivity. Above all, it is a matter of making the object exist for the joy and the use of its recipient.

The intimacy that Lexon has with its achievements is also the one that Lexon projects on you: friends objects for friends. The diversity of technologies and materials, signatures and inspirations, is that of large families: seniors and young designers are found. This wonderful alchemy of the generation time gives us what we dream. The fifty-five countries where the brand is present and the museums of modern art from around the world come every year to confirm our intuitions.


Rollerball pen on base



Pursuing our commitment to blend design and tech, we have created an exclusive and captivating collection by reimagining our most popular objects to feature some of Keith Haring’s iconic works. This collection includes four of our products – Mino+ speaker, Flip+ alarm clock, Mina LED lamp and Tykho 3 radio – coming in various colorways and adorned with Haring’s signature motifs.



Pursuing our commitment to blend design and tech, we have created an exclusive and captivating collection by reimagining our most popular objects to feature some of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s iconic works. This collection includes four of our products – Mino+ speaker, Flip+ alarm clock, Mina LED lamp and Tykho 3 radio – coming in various colorways and adorned with Basquiat’s signature motifs.



A wide range of classic essential designs.




Alain Berteau is a Brussels-based architect, product designer and professor. Alain’s work is recognized for its combined simplicity and decisive functional innovation.


An entirely wireless innovation. No connectors, no cables.




Interior designer and French designer, Fellina Sok Cham graduated in 2010 in Paris. She moved to Asia, and worked successively on various interior design projects. From 2012 to 2013, she collaborated with Lexon for a new collection. Today, based in Phnom Penh, her projects focus on space.



After studying mathematics and physics at the University of Jussieu, he decided to take a completely different path by integrating the Ensci \ Ateliers where he graduated in 2004. For six years he worked in a Parisian agency global design. In 2011, he decided to open his own studio. In addition to a simple and sober drawing, he likes objects that surprise. In his opinion, this is the use that binds us to objects and creates a rich and lasting relationship with them. An object whose use is right, is an object that one keeps and that one does not replace

I’ve known Lexon since I discovered design. When I arrived at ENSCI, Marc Berthier was a teacher and everyone knew the famous Tykho radio and Lexon. Drawing for Lexon means working with Rene Adda, a demanding and rich adventure. René has a fair and precise look on today’s world and it’s very pleasant to share and compare his ideas with him. Beyond design, the same passion drives us, the love of old motorcycles.



The studio Spalvieri / Del Ciotto is a place where ideas, research and experimentation meet. Their work is characterized by a simplicity that is both formal and functional, combined with strong sensitivity, and is based on the idea that each object should be both, a reflection of our experience and something to be passed on to future generations. They create objects that try to humanize new technologies and new materials; their goal is to make design shine in everyday life, to help consumers better use and understand their new objects



Graduated in industrial design in 1990, Theo Williams “wants to generate news ways of thinking”. He brings a different perspective to everything: products, furniture, print, packaging, retail and brand development. His talent for provoking new ways of thinking enables retailers, brands, buyers and manufacturers to better realise their goals. Theo is currently putting his extensive experience to work inspiring a broad spectrum of international brands and labels.



Design director, product developer, and product designer. He was the general Manager of the Design Room at MUJI from 2002 to 2008. He designed and directed over 3,000 products. He received three IF Design Award Gold in 2005 and one in 2007. He established his own studio, Designito, in 2010. His recent works include collaboration project with the City of Yokohama to connect local factories and creators.



Kazuya Koike graduated in product design from Osaka Design College in 2003. From 2003 to 2012 he was chief designer at Ideaco, a design studio in Japan, during which time he won several awards including an iF Design Award and a Good Design Award. In 2012 he established Doogdesign, through which he has been engaged with many projects both at home and abroad.



The members of Parisian design studio eliumstudio have striked again in a new collaboration with Lexon. After Marc Berthier’s TYKHO collection, Pierre Garner and Elise Berthier’s SAFE collection, along with many sets of objects developed with Lexon throughout the last 20 years, Anne Klepper and Elise Berthier have designed TERRACE, a 3-in-1 portable lamp, bluetooth speaker and powerbank. Eliumstudio is a global design studio that applies signature design to the industrial sphere, merging in the same movement a mastery of new technologies and the quest for lightness. Eliumstudio has won multiple awards since its creation in 2002, such as IF and IF Gold design awards, reddot design awards, CES Innovation and Best of Innovation awards.



Claudio Gatto is an Italian Designer born in the city of Venice in 1986. Growing up in Venice, the sea, water and boats have been a great passion to him since he was a child. The island and its landscapes deeply influenced his hobbies, taste and helped him to discover his hidden creativity. Distinguished by a very unusual approach Claudio Gatto is a very curious person and a great lover of the research from various points of view. He particularly likes the idea to design everyday objects that are simple and clever just to make our daily life easier with a bit of style, without forgetting that what makes the difference are the details, because quality is hidden in the details!



Philippe Tabet was born in Versailles, France. In 2009 he graduated in industrial design at the Condé school in Lyon. He lives and works in Milan. Since 2009 he worked successively for the Design of BETC in Paris and for Odoardo Fioravanti in Milan. In 2013 he created his own studio in Milan and worked with brands like Lexon, Miniforms, Pianca, XSories, Infiniti and Incipit.
“My interest in Lexon dates well before my meeting with Mr. Adda. His popular and innovative creations appealed to me and I had promised myself to work with him one day. On the occasion of a meeting organized by VIA, I finally had the opportunity to present the alarm clock Slide to Mr.Adda who found it in sync with his brand and opened the doors of Lexon to me. “



Ionna Vautrin was born in France in 1979. She graduated from the Nantes Atlantique School of Design in 2002. Since 2002, she has worked successively for Camper in Spain, George J. Sowden in Italy and for Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec in France. She opened her own studio in January 2011 after winning the grand prize of the creation of the city of Paris. She now collaborates with different brands and publishers such as Foscarini, Mustache, Kvadrat, Christian Dior, Sancal, Super-ette, Lexon, Serralunga. Ionna Vautrin’s work is where poetry and industry come together. When designing everyday objects, her goal is to bring an element of surprise to the simple and obvious. Combining both geometric and organic forms with a playful and colourful spirit, her projects deliver intuitive functionality while exuding a warm and familiar presence.



Mathieu Lehanneur is one of the few designers of his generation who his able to embrace so many different fields. To create projects that serve users, Mr. Lehanneur considers that we are all beings with a structure that is too complex, for a chair to be enough for our comfort. To live better, implies purer air to breathe, food always more concerned with the environment, good health and more than anything, the desire to live more satisfactorily.



Pauline Deltour was born in 1983, in Landerneau, France. After a BTS in design at Olivier de Serres in 2004 (ENSAAMA), she joined the object design section of the Decorative Arts of Paris and graduated in 2007. She worked four years for the designer Konstantin Grcic in Munich in Germany and created her own studio . She has been living in Paris since October 2010.
The distinctive distinction of her drawing, both acurate and delicate, always shows her personality: this vocabulary is also one that could characterize the expression of Pauline Deltour. Trained with one of the most important European designers, she initiated an individual practice of independent designer from 2010.



Catalan designer from Ibiza, born in 1972, Eugeni Quitllet graduated from the Barcelona Art School “”La Llotja””. He was born with the ability to master the codes of irresistible seduction. Substance and light, transparency and opacity, the play between functionality and illusion. A lexicon of objects, superbly framed to reveal perfectly practicable pieces which are the territory of dreams. Through these challenging collaborations, Eugeni Quitllet manages to extract tangible identities out of artificial fragments and dreamlike evocations. His realisations have become integral to the most influential curators’ collections. Elected Designer of the Year 2016 by Maison & Objet (Paris), the Spaniard’s relationship with Lexon continues to manifest as elementary expressions of tasks performed in both office and home. The magical pathway of design which brings simplicity and emotion to the fore.



José Levy is one of the rare designers to shine in such distinctively different creative spheres. Freedom, romance, sensitivity, strength and magic: Levy’s landing on Lexon Planet was an event.
For Lexon he created a line of electronic objects: the S.A.L.T. (Sound And Light Tools) collection.



Having graduated in Graphic Design and Communication, Luca Artioli went on to forge a successful career in illustration and creative design. In 1994 he became a senior designer at PMGroup, where he looked after accessories and decoration for brands such as Katherine Humnett, Uniform, Tourquise, Chevignon and Mama Noel. In 1997 he founded Studio BEATBOX to collaborate with other major companies in the creation of bags, objects and graphics. Since 2013 he has been sharing his valuable combination of brand awareness, creative expertise and technical production knowledge one-on-one with various design clients. Always striving to achieve originality and style, grounded in elegance and balance.


Modern and stylish, the Track Collection was designed to support your everyday needs.




With a free-spirited nonconformist personality, Margherita has proven her unique way of conceiving products with strong identity.


Practical and versatile, Packable is a collection of foldable bags. Very functional and perfect for traveling, you can fold them comfortably in their zipped cover.



French designer, Yoann Jacquon was born on July 28, 1989. Since his beginnings, he has been particularly interested in the cultural and technical aspects of the cohabitation between man and nature, and how design can play the role of mediator between these two entities. For him, design represents the expression of human intelligence in its relation to nature.



Adrian and Jeremy Wright created their studio, DesignWright, in 2005. Their approach is focused on simplifying the look and feel of things. Both brothers have an engineering background and have a solid foundation in understanding the manufacturing process. They feature a range of kitchen and home products, designed for customers such as Lexon, Joseph Joseph and Normann Copenhagen, and established DesignWright as an innovative and intelligent company, acclaimed by both industry and consumers.


Created by Adrian and Jeremy Wright, this award-winning alarm clock turns on and off by flipping it over. Featuring on and off faces, LCD display and touch sensor snooze, FLIP comes in rubber finishing offering a soft feel, and a compact design that makes it both the perfect bedside or travel companion.