2 ½ hours

The Mystery Tour gives you the opportunity to “escape” from the usual! This tour experience takes you to the outdoors, in the center of Athens, giving you the opportunity to discover important aspects of the city’s historical monuments. Your team ride on the eco friendly, fun and safe electric Trikke vehicles. Will you manage to unlock the secrets of the city?
A Greek historian claim that he managed to create a map of Athens which presents important elements of 2,500 years of ancient Greek history. This map gives you the ability to perceive and discover important aspects of this ancient city. The secrets are well hidden in various parts of the city. On your team’s Trikke vehicle there is a mystery cube that will help you discover ancient Greek history.

The Mystery Tour is suitable for families, groups of friends as well as corporate groups for team building activities. The real winner of the Mystery Tour is not the fastest team but the team which will be more entertained during the tour and will solve all riddles !

Teamwork – Logic – Fast thinking – History – Fun

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Additional information

AgeAdults (13+), Teenagers (13-17), Children (7-12)
Best forTeam building activities, families
HighlightsUnlock ancient secrets in Athens with the use of a Mystery Cube which is located at your electric Trikke vehicle
Price includesAn Electric Trikke vehicle= Helmet= Mystery Box= Scripts= Safety instructions and brief orientation at the beginning= Third party liability insurance=
DepartureScooterise, 18 Chatzichristou street, 11742 Athens.
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