Micro Condor

The convenient and persistent cruiser

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Micro Condor

37,00/ day

1 - 2 days : 37,00 / Day
3 days : 32,00 / Day
4 - 29 days : 29,00 / Day
30+ days : 6,00 / Day
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The Micro Condor is our solution for convenient leisure commuting

Micro Sparrow 4

Thanks to the large battery and comfort of ride, journeys of more than ten kilometers can be made effortlessly. This high-end scooter is the lightest electric scooter in the world in the end-to-end model category. In addition to this, using the unique two-way twist grip is intuitive and efficient. The ingenious combination of EVA foam core in the front wheel and grip tape on the desk absorb impact and vibrations, which means that you can cruise over any uneven surface.
The Micro Condor is a high-end scooter with outstanding performance ability and comfort, even for long distances in the urban jungle.

Ideal forCity & Commuter, Long Distances
Age RangeAdults
SurfaceRough Asphalt, Asphalt
Weight10.8 kg
Handlebar height82 - 107 cm
Length45.2 cm
SpecialsMotion Control, Rearlight, Regenerative brake
Max. Load100 kg

BLDC 250W / 500W,
BLDC 250/350/500 W,
BLDC 250W / 500W

BatteryLithium-Ion, 208 Wh
Speed30 km/h
Range20 km
Riding Programs

Pedestrian Mode: 250 W / 6 km/h,
Eco mode: 250 W / 20 km/h,
Sport mode: 350 W / 25 km/h,
Active mode: 500 W / 25 km/h


Front Light,
Rear Light

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